Frequently Asked

1. What’s TEDA Project?

TEDA is a subvention Project for the publication of Turkish cultural, artistic and literary works in foreign languages. TEDA in essence, is a translation and publication project of Turkish cultural, artistic and literary works by foreign well-known publishing firms in foreign languages , based on the act of translation and printing of the book project in the country it is translated. 

The basis of the Project is subvention granted for the translation and printing of distinguished works by celebrated authors as specified in the Directions and Application form by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

2. What’s the Aim of TEDA Project?

The purpose of TEDA is to merge Turkish cultural, artistic and literary spirit with the intellectual circles abroad, and to orient people to the sources of Turkish culture, art and literature. TEDA Project mainly aims to support the foreign publishing bodies for the purpose of promoting the literary accumulation of Turkish language.

3. Who can apply to TEDA Projects and what are the application procedures?

Publishing bodies (Universities, Cultural Foundations and such establishments dealing with cultural activities) can apply to TEDA Project.

Required Documents for Applications:

1) Originally signed/sealed application form (available on website)
2) Document(s) provided from the related trade association or document proving that the applying Publisher is in publication business in his/her country
3) Document(s) testifying that copyright has been secured. 
4) Copies of the agreement signed with the translator(s), 
5) One copy of the original work,
6) Samples of the publisher’s recent catalogues.

Short translation in English or Turkish must be attached if the documents are prepared in other languages.

The application form and the required documents should be sent to:

Kutuphaneler ve Yayimlar Genel Mudurlugu

(Milli Kütüphane Binası), “TEDA  Şubesi”  
Emek Mahallesi Wilhelm Thomsen Caddesi No: 4 
Çankaya / Ankara

+90 (312) 470 54 32
+90 (312) 470 54 33
+90 (312) 470 53 96
+90 (312) 470 54 35
+90 (312) 470 54 36

4. What is the deadline for applications?

Applications can be made throughout the year. The deadline for the first term is the last working day of April and for the second term, it is October, 25. TEDA Advisory Committee meeting are to be held at least 10 days after the deadlines. Nevertheless, the Committee may gather any day of the year if deems necessary besides the appointed terms.

5. What does TEDA Support?

TEDA supplies financial support to those publishing bodies which intend to translate and publish the literary work(s) of Turkish culture. The publishing bodies can apply either for translation or publication costs.

6. How is the evaluation process of the applications submitted to TEDA Program?
The applications are evaluated by TEDA Advisory Committee members who gather at least twice a year. The applying publishers are informed in written regarding Committee’s decision.

7. What are the Obligations of the Supported Publishing Bodies?
The publishing bodies are responsible for:

- Publishing the supported work(s) in 2 year-duration beginning from the date when the agreements are mutually signed by the parties

- Upon the completion of publication process, sending 30 copies of the subsidized work(s) to the Ministry.

- The publishers are obliged to inform the Ministry within 10 days in case any change in contact information or any change regarding their application(s)

- The Ministry may ask information or document regarding the supported work and publishers is obliged provide the required information/document within 30 days.

8. Does TEDA Project support the books which have already been published in the applied country’s language?
TEDA Advisory Committee evaluates the applications which have already been published in the same language considering the features of the applied work, date of publication, and stock availability in the market

9. What is the minimum print run for the applications?
The print run shall be 1.000 copies except the reference books and prestigious works.

10. When is the TEDA payment rendered to the publishers which are decided to be supported?

Following the approval of the TEDA Advisory Committee decisions, a bilingual agreements are sent to the publishers. Upon receiving the agreements signed by the parties (Ministry and Publisher), the payment procedures are started.

11. How Can I access the application form and the required documents to apply TEDA Project?

The application form and required documents are available on teda.ktb.gov.tr