38th ICANAS (International Congress of Asian and North African Studies) was Held in Bilkent Hotel Congress Centre and TOBB Economics and Technology University

ICANAS, consisting of the initials of “International Congress of Asian and North African Studies”, is a prominent congress with its history of 134 years. The congress brings many academicians together from different countries to discuss subjects in fields such as language, history, literature, religion, philosophy, anthropology, culture, ecology, economics, international relations and music, in the light of scientific methods and approaches.  The 37th ICANAS was held in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation in 2004, while the 36th was held in Montreal, Canada in 2000, and the 35th was held in Budapest, Hungary in 1997.

The first ICANAS congress was held in Paris in 1873 and the studies were conducted under the name of “International Orientalists Congress” until 1973 when the congress was re-named as “International Congress of Asian and North African Studies” as the most outstanding meeting in the field of social sciences and humanities.

Studies in the field of Turkology and Sinology have highly been emphasized from time to time while the studies on Arabian and Persian civilizations have also been centres of interest occasionally. “The Encyclopaedia of Islam” published in French and English can be considered to be the fruit of Orientalist studies.

We strongly believe that this congress during which approximately 1500 papers will be presented, 108 panellists will speak and totally 1777 presenters (since some papers are prepared by 2-3 people) will take place will highly contribute to the advancement of social sciences and humanities as well as to the promotion of Türkiye.

 We, as the Directorate of Libraries and Publications, joined the Congress in Bilkent Hotel Congress Centre with an exhibition consisted of the prestige books of the Ministry and the publications subsidized by TEDA Translation Subvention Project and also joined the sessions in TOBB Economics and Technology University in the capacity of observer.  

The main studies of 38th ICANAS Congress are as follows:


Linguistics, grammar and language teaching

History and history of civilizations



Material culture

Oriental studies

Problems and solutions of environment and urbanization

Cultural change, growth and mobility


International relations

Problems and solutions in the science of literature

Museums, archives, libraries, publishers and copyright issues

Music culture and music education